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            1. sportsbook twitter,betwaycom,bet india schedule,ALB vs BU ECS T10 Milan Dream11 prediction: Fantasy Cricket tips for Albano vs Bergamo United match

                    • TN Sports Desk
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                          Updated Apr 09, 2021 | 10:45 IST

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                                              ALB vs BU dream11
                                              ALB vs BU dream11   |  Photo Credit: Representative Image

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                                              • The 14th match of the ECS T10 Milan campaign will see Albano take on Bergamo United on Friday (April 9). The match between the two sides will be played at the Milan Cricket Ground. In the ECS T10 Milan group stages, Albano won all three of their matches and finished on top of Group B with 6 points. Eventually, they didn't start off the second round right after losing to Bergamo Cricket Club by 34 runs.They will be focused and ready to display the same level of performance shown during the Group stages here on Friday when they take on Bergamo United. 

                                                • Meanwhile, Bergamo United head into this match by virtue of winning the ECS T10 Rome title in November last year. They have displayed a strong performance in the ECS T10 Milan so far after winning both of their encounters. It will be a critical match for both sides as they will aim to take a victory at any given cost. The Milan Cricket Ground is known for high scores and will once again be important for the batsman to take advantage of the pitch situations. 

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                                                    Mubashir Amin, Ahtasham Javaid (VC), Rizwan Tahir, Satwinder Ram, Ravi Paul, Monu Lal (C), Asim Ali, Jorawar Singh, Ahsan Akram, Muhammad Zaki, Bharti Bangar

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                                                    1. Probable playing XI's for both sides: 

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                                                      Albano: Satwinder Ram, Monu Lal, Jorawar Singh (c), Asim Ali, Anmol Singh, Parveen Kumar, Hardeep Singh (wk), Ajay Kumar, Kamaljit Singh, Bharti Bangar, Muhammad Zaki

                                                    2. Bergamo United: Ahtasham Javaid, Rizwan Tahir, Mubashir Amin (wk), Mubashar Hussain, Sadat Ali, Azmat Ali (c), Ahsan Akram, Rayhan Ibna Hossain, Mukhtar Muhammad, Faisal Muhammad, Ravi Paul

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                                                            • Albano: Jorawar Singh (c), Asim Ali, Vijay Kumar Wartia, Ajay Kumar, Jasvir Kumar, Parveen Kumar, Monu Lal, Satwinder Ram, Jatin Sahib, Athisham Sajjad, Anmol Singh, Bunty Singh, Shahroze Usman, Muhammad Zaki, Bharti Bangar, Vijay Kumar, Hardeep Singh, Kamaljit Singh

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                                                                    Bergamo United: Azmat Ali (c), Mubashir Amin, Ahtasham Javaid, Rizwan Tahir, Rayhan Ibna Hossain, Ravi Paul, Faisal Muhammad, Ahsan Akram, Faraz Ali, Mubashar Hussain, Abdul Waqas, Muddasar Raja, Umair Baig, Sadat Ali, Ansar Mahmood, Wajid Mehmood, Mukhtar Muhammad, Muhammad Tufail

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