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                      • parimatch review india,bet lotto 247,jenga online,‘PM is proactive, people under him are not’: Mumbai Mayor’s serious charge at Centre over vaccine shortage

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                              1. Times Now Digital

                                Updated Apr 09, 2021 | 12:13 IST

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                                                              Mumbai vaccine shortage Mayor Kishori Pednekar
                                                              Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pednekar. 

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                                                                  • The situation got worse in Mumbai after the jumbo vaccination facility at the Bandra-Kurla Complex on Friday shut down the centre as they ran out of vaccine doses

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                                                                    • The centre has been barricaded and a notice has been put up stating that the stock has depleted

                                                                    • Mumbai: Amid a controversy over the shortage of vaccine doses in several parts of the country, especially Maharashtra, Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pednekar on Friday said that while Prime Minister Narendra Modi is proactive about mitigating issues faced by the city administration, the people working under him are not taking the matter seriously.

                                                                      “PM is serious and proactive about our issues but it seems that the people under PM are not taking this issue with the same seriousness. There are several vaccination centers that have zero vaccines now and vaccination has stopped there... I have come to know that some 76,000 to 1 lakh doses are about to reach Mumbai by today, but I don’t have any official info on this,” Pednekar told reporters today.

                                                                      • She said that the city administration is “doing everything possible to combat the Covid situation in a better way, such as increasing the number of beds and other amenities on war footing”.