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                                              gambling casinos,pirates of grill jalandhar,is rummycircle genuine,'BJP candidates resorting to illegal means': Congress leaders protest in Guwahati against Assam EVM issue

                                                        Times Now Digital

                                                          Updated Apr 03, 2021 | 15:03 IST

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                                                                                • Assam EVM row
                                                                                  Congress leaders and workers protest in Guwahati against Assam EVM issue  |  Photo Credit: ANI
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                                                                                        Guwahati: Amid the row over Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) in Assam, Congress leaders and workers on Saturday staged protested in Guwahati demanding action against BJP candidate Krishnendu Paul.

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                                                                                          A controversy has erupted after an EVM was found in a car belonging to a Paul in Karimganj district. Congress leader Sushmita Dev who was leading the party's protest said "All BJP candidates are resorting to illegal means. People are with us, BJP is perturbed. What action did EC take against Krishnendu Pal, in whose vehicle EVM was found?"

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                                                                                              • The Election Commission of India (ECI) had on Friday suspended four polling officials deputed in Karimganj after they were found transporting an EVM in Paul's vehicle. The poll panel has also ordered repolling in the booth, and an FIR is likely to be filed in the case.'


                                                                                                    Speaking to Times Now, Krishnendu Paul admitted that it was not the right thing to do, however, the BJP leader denied his involvement in the incident.

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