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                          • betway sports betting 50 first deposit bonus,mean green cleaner reviews,roulette video,Chennai: Hefty fines imposed for violating COVID norms like social distancing, spitting, mask use

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                                Mirror Now Digital

                                  • Updated Apr 09, 2021 | 12:22 IST

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                                          1. Chennai COVID
                                            An official checks the temperature of a voter as part of precaution against the coronavirus as he arrives to cast his vote in the Tamil Nadu state assembly elections in Chennai.  |  Photo Credit: AP

                                              • Fine for spitting in public places - Rs 500

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                                                        • Fine for violating social distancing norms- Rs 500

                                                          • Fine for violation of SOPs by commercial establishments, gyms, salons and other such places - Rs 5,000.

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                                                                    Chennai: In the wake of the spike in COVID-19 cases across the state capital, the Chennai Corporation has announced that those violating the coronavirus norms would have to pay hefty fines ranging from Rs 200 to Rs 5,000. 

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                                                                    Most notable is the Rs 200 fine to be imposed on people who don't wear face masks in public places. Moreover, the fine for spitting in public places has been fixed at Rs 500 and those found doing the same would be challaned on the spot.

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                                                                      The Revenue and Disaster Management Department had on Thursday issued important COVID guidelines to be followed due to the sudden and alarming spurt of coronavirus cases. With the medical infrastructure operating at almost maximum capacity, it is vital to control the spread of the deadly virus.